Monday, July 22, 2013

Rita Bay is my guest today!

I'm loving this summer. I have been very lucky to have some wonderful authors come over and play on my blog.
Today I have the fantastic Rita Bay as a guest on my blog.
I have to say Rita--I love your stories! And your heroes are simply Hawt!
I could go on but I won't I will simply step aside and let Rita do her thing.
Thank you for coming Rita. The floor is yours. *cues spot light*

 (psst. Isn't that cover yummy? *fans self*)
Thanks so much, Heather, for inviting me to visit. We share a publisher, Champagne Book Group, and I just discovered we will also share a series. "Aphrodite's Island" is a sizzling hot series of quickies in which special guests are invited to Miss A’s island to experience their most secret dreams and fondest fantasies.  South Sea Siren will join my Her Teddy Bare as one of the BDSM shorts in "Aphrodite's Island." Looking forward to reading South Sea Siren which is the sequel to your Nordic Prince which I loved.(Thank you Rita! <3 HG)
Search & Rescue, my first military romance, was released this month by Secret Cravings Publishing. This is my first book that I’ve located in my hometown, Mobile, Alabama. Unusual, too, because I write historical and paranormal.  It was fun traveling the streets and visiting places that I knew so well. No location research necessary for this book. My hero (a hometown West Point grad) and heroine (a coed at Spring Hill College) even made a trip over Mobile Bay to Baldwin County to the family condo at Gulf Shores and hooked up at the Grand Hotel and dined on some of my favorites from the menu, though I usually prefer the seafood. A short blurb and an excerpt--part of one of Taylor’s dreams about Lexie that kept him sane after he was captured in Afghanistan follows.
One look at Captain Taylor Jackson at a Career Day at Spring Hill College and wealthy coed Lexie Carter knew he was The One.  In six months they’re engaged and the wedding set for after graduation. When Taylor is reported killed in action in Afghanistan two months before their wedding, Lexie is devastated, her hopes for a family of her own crushed.  Can she survive a future without Taylor or will she succumb to her grief?
Army Ranger Taylor Jackson falls in love at first sight with young Lexie Carter. While on a mission in Afghanistan, he is captured by insurgents after taking his brother’s place on patrol. When Taylor escapes and returns home on what should have been their wedding day, Lexie has disappeared under suspicious circumstances. Can he find her in time to rescue her from her fate?
  Taylor regretted he’d volunteered for the Hometown Recruiter Assistant Program. He’d wanted a long visit with his family, but he’d been away from Mobile for too long. After graduating from Murphy High School, he’d attended West Point, been assigned to the Infantry, completed a few rotations in Iraq, and then attended Ranger School. He’d found his home there. Several challenging courses and a couple of missions later, he’d become all that he could be—a well-trained agent and killer, one of the best. He didn’t belong at a Career Day at a Catholic liberal arts college in southern Alabama surrounded by innocents.      
The girl stood up and walked across the room toward the recruiter’s table, her long golden-blonde hair swaying with each step. She was petite, but had some nice curves. Her expensive clothing and jewelry screamed high-maintenance. Not the kind of girl who sought out men like him.      
Captain Jeffries, the recruiter, smiled, mumbled his standard greeting, and held out a brochure. She walked past Art as though he didn’t exist. She only had eyes for him. She stopped inches away. A man coming that close would have been on the floor, but she was either fearless or clueless.     
She looked up a foot and more and batted her leaf-green eyes at him. “I’m Lexie. What’s your name, Captain?”    
He was speechless, captured by a pixie half his size. She would be his—and no one else’s—forever.
A kick in his ribs awakened him.
“Eat, infidel.”  
The stale bread, his usual morning fare, landed on the filthy floor beside him. Hussein, the bearded, middle-aged Afghan farmer who’d been his captor for the last two months, slammed and locked the door.
Hussein walked into the main living area. “We’ll soon be rid of the dog.”
I should mention that the book is rated  FOUR FLAMES for explicit language, steamy sex, AND battlefield violence. Didn’t say they were saints. Click HERE  to read longer excerpts or download the ebook from Secret Cravings ($2.99) or HERE to buy from Amazon.
"Her Teddy Bare" Carnal Passions, May, 2013
"The Aegis" Champagne Books, April, 2013
"Search & Rescue" Secret Cravings Publishing, July, 2013
"Finding Eve" Champagne Books, September, 2013
"Into the Lyons' Den" Champagne Books, August, 2012
"His Desire" Siren BookStrand, May, 2012
"His Obsession" Siren BookStrand, April, 2012

SignatureJ Rita Bay
Rita Bay's Webpage & Blog

"Her Teddy Bare" Carnal Passions, May, 2013
"The Aegis" Champagne Books, April, 2013
"Nimue's Daughter," Shared Whispers, Champagne Books, July, 2013
"Search & Rescue" Secret Cravings Publishing, July, 2013
"Finding Eve" Champagne Books, September, 2013

"Into the Lyons' Den" Champagne Books, August, 2012
"His Desire" Siren BookStrand, May, 2012
"His Obsession" Siren BookStrand, April, 2012
Thank you again, Rita! I know I'm snapping up a copy ASAP. Wow. 
Make sure to show some love to Rita. And some to Mr. Hunky Ranger Cpt. Taylor Jackson. *winks*

Saturday, July 13, 2013

January Blain--Tells us why it's hard to be a Human

Hello folks!
We have a treat today. The interesting and fun January Blain is guest blogging today. She is  here to tell us why it is hard to be a human and tell us a little bit about her new book Forever Angel coming out in October.
You may have already read some of her fantastic books in the Forever series before. Such as:

Aren't those fantastic covers?
Now without further ado... here is the woman of the hour.
The floor is yours January.

 It’s Hard To Be Human
It is hard to be human which is maybe why I like to immerse myself in imaginative vampire lore. And immerse myself I do. I’ve lived their lives 24/7 as I get the gift of experiencing the richness of this parallel world. Okay, my human life probably suffers for my obsession at times, but fortunately I have a loving, tolerant husband and three independent cats that like to watch me tap away at the computer. I think they find the rhythm of the keystrokes soothing—just my take as I used to like the sound of my grandma’s knitting needles clicking away while I sat beside her. I even used that memory in my third book, Forever Clan, for the heroine’s Scottish ma.
But I digress. Why is it so hard to be human? Well, we cannot heal ourselves as quickly as vampires can. Imagine being healed overnight as you sleep from a wound that would kill a mortal. I’d like that gift! And for those of you that know me well, you can imagine how I would want to share the gift of healing after reading my first novel in the series, Forever Man.
Vampires have it better on the strength side of the equation also. A drink of blood and they are full of energy. And if the blood comes from a blood bank concoction there would be little guilt, I’m just saying…
Vampires can shape-shift at will. Not a bad ability to have. Imagine the havoc one could bring to bullies, child molesters, murderers and other such evil people.
Vampires can live forever. Okay, this sounds good but what about the fact that if you have regrets in life you have to live with them FOREVER. But then maybe vampires (at least the uncivilized ones) don’t carry this guilt. But mine do for the most part, so maybe it’s also hard to be a vampire at times. But they can’t complain too much as they get to live forever, for heaven’s sake!
I hope you follow the journey of my vampires, angels, and Fae that exist in the pages of the Forever Series. Forever Angel, the fourth book in the series, will be released October 7, 2013. I love to hear from readers and writers alike!

My website is:
I’m published by
And you can find me on all the social media under my real name: January Bain
Excerpt from Forever Angel:

And so it shall pass that the white angel comes to drive out the dark angel and ease the suffering of the Clans.
                                                                                                                   ~Lord Ra
She finally found her voice and gushed, “Julie, what on earth! You have . . . wings?”
Julie smiled shyly at her newfound friend. “Yes, I seem to have wings.” She couldn’t help but smile widely at the idea. Who in their wildest dreams could have imagined such an event happening in their lifetime?
“How? When?”
“Just this nightfall. I woke up and something was catching in my nightclothes and I got up to check and here they were growing on my shoulders. Crazy, eh?”
“No kidding! I didn’t even know angels really existed.”
“Angels?” she looked at Arc. “My goodness!” The thought blew her away while making her feel very special. “I’ve turned into an angel on my birthday!”
“That you have my friend.” Arc sat down on the bed, her knees suddenly weak with the knowledge. “Does Christopher know yet?”
“No, you’re the first to see.”
“Wow! What is everyone going to think of this? I don’t think anyone I know has ever seen a real angel before. I mean, you read about them and all . . . but to really find out they exist. I don’t know what to say or feel even.”
“I feel . . . like I’m more myself now than I have ever been. Like a great curtain has been lifted that obscured my view of things and that I can see clearly now.”
“What do you see?” Arc was all eyeballs as she looked at Julie.
“It’s all so simple.”

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today. Now I will have to think about how much easier it would be to be supernatural and what abilities would be the most awesome to have. 
As a clumsy person, I really like the sound of quick healing and regeneration,I gotta say.

How about you folks? Which would you love to have? Make sure to show Ms. Blain some luv and leave a comment.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013


 Hello all.

I checked my email tonight and was pleasantly surprised to find that my book had been reviewed.
I am excited that Nordic Prince was reviewed at Long and Short Reviews. It was a nice review that made me smile.
Here are a couple tidbits:
"Nordic Prince is a short, erotic male/male romance. The story flows nicely, the characters are quickly established and the sex scene is hot."
For the entire review click here
Cheers! I'm off to celebrate. ;)



Monday, July 8, 2013


I have a winner on my blog for my part in the Sizzling Summer Blog Hop:

Congratulations to Elizabeth H. I will be sending your prize via email today.

Let's give her a round of applause.

Thank you all for stopping by my blog. I had a blast and I hope you did too!
Have a wonderful and Sizzling summer folks!
*Make sure to got to to see the Grand Prize winners!

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Hello folks.

I am excited to say that I am part of a fantastic Blog Hop, the "Sizzling Summer Blog Hop"will be up from July 4th until July 7th. First I will show you the prizes and then I will share a steamy excerpt from my upcoming erotic romance, due out in August.Here are some of the spectacular Grand prizes you can win:

You could win......

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Fabulous Swag Pack #2
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Follow all Hop announcements via
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  Wow! Those are pretty cool. And all you have to do is leave a comment with your email address and click on a name to hop to other blogs. Each entry enters you in for the grand prize.
For my part.
I love a romance story and I like when there is erotic in it because it adds a certain element of realism to the romance.  Romance for me has never been about Disney fairy tales. For me, it has to be hot, sweaty, fun, kinky and maybe a little dirty. Life is not fluffy kittens and rainbows. For me to enjoy it, it has to feel real and so, I try to put that into my stories.
Yes, they do have great sex, but the characters always have an issue they have to work through. They just get to have sex which seems to be part of the therapy.
 Due out in early August through Champagne Books: Aphrodite Island series. The sequel to M/M erotic romance "Nordic Prince"
"South Sea Siren" is an F/F/m erotic romance about Dr. Amanda Mills, who is a tough, sensual and sassy woman who thinks she is in control and knows how to play the game. Unfortunately, when it comes to love, she is out of her depth and terrified of the unknown.
Here is an excerpt:

 Kyrna turned and pushed Amanda against the wall shoving
her knee between Amanda’s thighs. Before Amanda could say a
word, Kyrna’s mouth descended onto hers, capturing her in a brutal
and exciting kiss.
Amanda’s head swam as Kyrna expertly nibbled and sucked
at her bottom lip and trapped her hands above her head. Kyrna tasted
of berries, smelled freshly clean. Amanda moaned and melted
against her. Just as she sank into the fiery bliss running rampant
through her body, Kyrna released her and stepped back.
Kyrna’s breasts threatened to spill out of her dress as she
struggled to catch her heaving breath. Desire burned in her eyes.
Amanda was glad she was against the wall or she would
have slid into a puddle.
“Come on. We need some privacy.” This time Kyrna turned
and stalked down the hall expecting Amanda to follow. Only a weakwilled
person would follow her like a puppy. Amanda watched the
sway of Kyrna’s hips as she walked. And only a fool would refuse to
follow. With a silly grin on her face, Amanda pushed away from the
wall to catch up to Kyrna as she disappeared into the nearby room.

  Now for my prize: I am giving away a copy of Nordic Prince
In order to enter my giveaway, follow my blog, then tell me about a favorite romance story (any kind; erotic, light, sweet, BDSM, historical, etc..)and what it is about that story that hooked you.
I will be using to choose the winner(s) on July 8th. 
You can find me @ 
I'm also on Facebook, Twitter & Goggle+  
Good Luck and Happy Hopping!