Saturday, August 30, 2014

What doesn't kill us...Stop trying 2014!

This has been an interesting year to say the least.
On New Years Eve night I made the mistake of saying "Well--2013 was a bit rough, I bet 2014 will be great!"
While the ball was dropping, I was picking lice out of my kids hair.
Within a week my 93 yr old grandmother hit her head and lay in the hospital bleeding into her brain because of her blood thinners. She passed away within a few days.
School began again and it was crunch time for me. It was my final classes before graduating with my Bachelors degree. They were all upper level classes and very difficult. I also had undergrad research and a few other things to do in order to be a more likely candidate when I applied to get into my Master's program.
During the week I went to classes. During the weekends I worked at the hair salon trying to scratch out a living.
In the middle of this the landlord demanded more and more money that we didn't have. Even when we handed over all of our school returns and paid up until May--she wanted more. We were very insecure of our home at the time. Would we still have a place to live? Where would we go if she booted us? Our usual familial relations that we would stay with had no room and had their own issues.
Then in the middle of this I realized that I had been lax in homeschooling my children. Crap. They were behind. Sooo---in the middle of the crazy race for our home, my education and my job I buckled down and dragged the kids up to where they were supposed to be and beyond. They ended school early and got high marks on their assessments. Yay for that.
My hubby finally got an awesome job that would pay well and only get better with time. Finally--security. I quit my job and graduated in May.
Our landlord changed her mind and frequently and ended up wanting an exorbitant amount of money per month that would stretch us thin--even with my husbands good pay. We decided that we needed to move on. We found a cute new house and gave ourselves 2 months to move...Unfortunately the house we chose was still getting worked on and didn't have room to move anything until a week before we were supposed to be out of our other house. It was a crazy week that extended into the following week. With my hubby traveling and working it was me and my two little girls moving ALLL the stuff from our old house to our new house.
In the midst of this summer moving my mother had a stroke and lost all control of her right side. Thankfully, she regained her ability to move and is nearly normal.  Also, a week later my Mother in law was in the hospital and my youngest split my oldest's lip accidentally with a golf club...needless to say there were many trips to the hospitals.
We finally made into our new home (of course we are still organizing--I see us being done in a few years) but of course things are still crazy.
I got into my Masters, hubby is working on his oral dissertation and both my girls started another year of homeschooling. And hubby has been traveling a lot.
This week we decided to go with him to stay at the motel for three days and have a vacation.anything. We did get pool time but because of taking antibiotics me and the girls got burnt (surprisingly, I got the worst of it.) The Tv had no kids channels and my special monthly friend decided it would be a great time to show up. Also, I decided to literally peel off the skin from the top of my foot with the spring loaded metal gate. Youch!  Now I know what it's like to have my skin peeled off in little strips. I have been curious since I heard about that form of torture in the history books. I  toughed it out though.
The day we left, I got horribly lost on the way home from dropping him off at work (I'll post about that later) had many other things go wrong, went to the Dr. And found out I have Bronchitis and my oldest had a bladder infection. All of us had a sinus infection. Got our meds and took off to get hubby and hour late. Four hours later we arrived at the motel got caught on a big curb and ripped off some of the bottom of our car. We never did get wifi, so no schooling or

Le' sigh.
The whole time I have felt like screaming at the various things beating against us. Like this:

But We have survived--so far and we're home.
It's a new school year. A new house and a new season. I am ready to get er' done. Even when fate throws shit my way I can and will slog through it.
Oh. and I will definitely NOT say anything this New Years. Fate took it as a challenge when I said this year would be better so, this year I'm saying wow. Alot of really awesome things happened (cuz--really they did) and leaving it at that. Maybe then next year we'll just have normal everyday stresses instead of a big ol heap of weird crap.
Hope you 2014 and this last week has been good.
Tell me...What's new with you?