Thursday, May 21, 2015

WE ARE GROOT...Er, I mean Happy 10th Anniversary!

Nearly 13 years ago, I was a single, young adult that felt sure that I would always be single and alone. I was also that single person surrounded by happy and long relationships. Everybody had somebody--except me. And let me tell you...That sucks. I mean, was I doing something wrong with my life and choices? or did I just have a penchant for guys who would always either cheat on me with someone younger, thinner and prettier or just dump me quickly so they could be with the thinner, prettier girl (Which I did prefer to the cheaters). I felt sure that perhaps all the good guys were either taken or of a different persuasion.
Then one busy day at work, an acquaintance/friend called to tell me she wanted to introduce me to her friend who was visiting from Alabama. I told her no, that I was busy and I would meet him later at the bar (Maybe). But, as per usually she just did what she wanted and brought him up. I had to leave my customer (I was a hairstylist) and face a crowd of impatient people who had been waiting, to speak to her and him. Needless to say, I was not pleased and probably did not give off the best first impression. I was already sarcastic, cynical, jaded and a bit pessimistic and now I was pissy. To be fair, he was cute, had a nice smile and was charismatic buuut, unfortunately, he was with a person of irritation at the time. If you haven't guessed--this man was my future hubby.
 I got them to leave, finished my hectic day and went to the bar with my family and friends that night where I did in fact chat with him and have fun.
 At the end of the night we compared cell phones and he asked for my number and said he'd give me a call. I snorted in a most lady-like fashion and drolly replied 'Yeah. And I'll hold my breath.' But, I did exchange numbers, and he did call, nearly everyday. We had a rough go at starting a relationship (mostly because of other people) but he stayed determined and I stayed curious. A year later he proposed and a year and a half after that we had our wedding.
May 21, 2005
 I will not go into all the long details. Our wedding day was lovely. The sky was blue, white puffy clouds strolled through the sky, my family and friends pulled together to help out and to celebrate our union.
I felt beautiful, he looked handsome and I was overwhelmed with joyfulness and relief. It was a perfect day   (That happily did not put us in debt because we did much ourselves and with help. We also had over a year to plot and plan).                                        
Because of a fire later that year at my parent's house. Our video was destroyed along with the dress, which my mother had worn on her wedding day as well.
These pictures and a small few more are the only ones that we have left to memorialize that day.
(Also if you look closely in a couple of the pictures you'll see a certain awesome author sans rainbow hair) :D

For our honeymoon we stayed at a quiet hotel and watched StarWars in the theater.
The next day we went to Joe's crab shack (I LOVE CRAB) Yum!
And spent an interesting day at Cedar Point, where we were able to experience most of the seasons in one day.  Started with rainy and miserable, then scorching hot (Yes, I burned) then, cool and grey and then super frigid and misty. At that point we went home to unfreeze me. *G*
Cedar Point during the hot spell. I love me classic cars.
10 Years Later
And here we are, a decade later. Many, many things have happened in that time. We moved more times than I care to count. Had two beautiful Hobgoblins that are a mix of us both in every way. We have both gotten degrees at college and changed our careers as well. We have had blessed and happy days, we've had mundane days and we've had sad, stressful, scary days. But we have always been a team. We are partners in everything and have grown stronger because of these experiences.
We have even written and published a couple stories together, and plan to publish more.
So now you have a little glimpse into the beginning of Heather Geoffries and hopefully there will be many more opportunities to get to know us in the future.

Happy Anniversary to my hubby and better half. Life would be tedious and colorless without you. Thank you for giving me your heart and treating mine with care.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


 Hello lovely people. 
Today I am reviewing a antho book that I received in return for an honest review. I love to be able share my thoughts about the books I've read.  A few of my closest friendships have begun over discussions about our love of either a book or particular authors. 
Hopefully ya'll enjoy my ramblings.
Elite Metal – Book One in the Elite Warriors Series
For decades the US Marines funded a top-secret unit known as Elite Recon. A deadly group of men and women sent to infiltrate dozens of countries completely undetected. Mission objectives so extreme casualties were not only probable, but expected.
The current batch of operatives had returned from hundreds of assignments unscathed…until one mission went horribly wrong. Several men lost their lives and the group disbanded. The remaining leathernecks were scattered in the wind with new identities. They were told to blend in. Be normal. Or face being forever silenced just like their fallen brothers.
Now, two years later, each living member of the group is kidnapped and given a chance to make things right. But this time they’re no longer under the thumb of Uncle Sam. A mysterious private backer who knows about their past has brought them back together. No longer are they forced to turn a blind eye to the lost and forsaken.
A new life. A new future…Elite Metal.
 My thoughts on each story individually

Bound by Steele-Jennifer Kacey & Anna Alexander
 Steele is tough and honorable and will do anything to make right what happened. Alayna also seems to be invested in justice. They both are focused on the mission and will do anything in order to see it through but sometimes feelings get in the way and passion burns hot between the two.
This steamy little story is sure to leave you hot under the collar, especially their undercover scene in the club. Whoo-ee.

Chrome's Salvation-Jennifer Kacey
 Chrome is a little abrasive and blunt. He tells it like it is with a liberal sprinkling of cursing. Cammie is a kind, caring woman who helps children get adopted. Now RedWolf has her children and she needs help getting them back. Cue her new "Boyfriend", Chrome.
Not only do they have some yummy passionate scenes but watching Chrome evolve and soften is sweet. Cammie, too, stands up for what she believes in, even in the face of danger.

Adamantium's Roar- Anna Alexander
 Ah, Ant. The computer Geek with muscles and determination.  Beth has had a very harsh hand dealt to her. When Adamantium finds out what happened to the girl who stole his heart so many years ago, he is pissed and determined that he will save her.
I loved everything that He is willing to do to help her--not only to escape her servitude but to help her see how wonderful he thinks she is. And to find the key to making her scream.
Pure Copper- Heather Long
Copper is a Chameleon and dangerous. Nobody messes with her, except maybe Mercury but he earned that right by being her closest friend and her brother-from-a-different mother. But something is missing every since that horrible day that took the only man she loved. Gabriel is retired CIA turned professor. He has tried to find the mysterious woman he caught sight of 2 years before, so imagine his surprise when she shows up in his class.
Ah, the seemingly harmless intelligent guy. he gives her quite a run for her money. Through determination and skills he stays one step ahead of her no matter how much she tries to shake him. They both get each other and get under the other skin. They make a fun match. 
Sterling's Seduction- Sabrina York
 Sterling is sharp and knows how to get what he wants. 'Roni" is a clever and ruthless reporter. Unfortunately, she has shown an unhealthy interest in the Elite Metal group. As Sterling and Roni get to know each other, they realize that they are very much alike and they have much to offer each other.
Roni has a steel will and does what is necessary to help those she loves. And Sterling is much more caring than fist meets the eye. There is hot passion and battle of the wills that keep the story fast and strong.
Platinum's Choice- Rebecca Royce
Platinum is the ice man. Cool and quiet and unemotional. Rose is vibrant, kind and chatty. When Rose and Platinum's child are in danger, he will do anything to ensure their safety, even if they hate him. 
Rose and Plat are perfect for each other. She likes to talk and he likes to listen. Where he is always calm, clinical and in control of everything, she is led by instinct and emotions. I love the Dr. Who conversation and other nerd easter eggs. I can completely relate to Rose and have always had a thing for the silent composed men.
Mercury's Poison- Saranna DeWylde
 Mercury is a red-hot mess. Even though he is brilliant and skilled, he cannot see his worth and fears getting close to those who might. Hazel wants to help others. Not only is she work in the ER but she also goes out onto the streets in a help van. When she meets Mercury she knows that she is safe when he is near and that he can take care of her, instead of her taking care of everyone else.
The suspense is thick throughout the story and the emotional turmoil is nearly painful at times. At times it feels like Mercury is ripping off old bandaids over and over until his wounds finally start to get some sunshine and begin to heal.
Forged in Silver- Roxie Rivera 
 Silver is a slippery thief and a charmer. Poppy is cool as a cucumber and Warbuck's liaison. He has been working alone for so long, trying to right his wrongs and the only one who knows or cares is Poppy. Poppy is intrigued by the lone wolf and the feelings he invokes in her.
I enjoyed seeing Poppy becoming sassy and out of control. He is a flirt and a charmer that is probably the only one that could ruffle her feathers. Their chemistry and playfullness along with the other surprises wrap up this anthology nicely.

Overall thoughts
I got sucked into this anthology. Each and every one of the Elite Metal team were flawed and hurting and interesting in their diverseness. Each of them stumbled into love and found a person who brought out the best and worst in them. The entire time I wondered about Warbucks and the ghosts and the ending leaves the reader with giant cliff-hanger. I do so hope that there is another Elite book and that I can visit with these characters that I have come to think of as friends and discover some answers to the new questions I have.

For now I'll agree with Chrome on the
ending "What.the.Fuck." Dude. Craziness.

*Edited after I realized that I didn't leave a rating.
5 Out of 5 Trophies

Saturday, January 10, 2015


 Madelyn Morrison is going home for Christmas to get an interview with America’s newest
sweetheart. Madelyn grew up with the hero, so she knows she’ll get the interview, but she has bigger
problems. The biggest stands six foot two inches and his name is Johnny Hart. He left her standing at
the altar. And there’s no part of the small town that doesn’t hold some memory of him and her broken
From the moment Johnny Hart met Madelyn, he knew she was too good for him. Then he fell hard, he fell fast, and for a moment he believed they could have everything. Until reality intruded...and he
behaved like a coward. Now fate has brought her back to Glory and given him a second chance. Dare
Johnny believe that the magic of the holidays could bring him the most special gift of all?

First of all I am late getting this review posted. As always life likes to throw craziness my way and distract me worse than Doug
Anyway, on with the review.

Note: I received this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Instead of using stars or coffee cups etc. I am using trophies on my blog because.
     1. It's my blog and I like trophies
     2. If getting one trophy if good--how about multiple trophies?
SO my rating system is up to 5 trophies.  1 being ok and 5 being fan-freakin-tastic.

I give "A Glorious Christmas"...

Four trophies!!!!
Here is why.

I thoroughly enjoy those sweet romances and second chance stories. I also have a spot within the cold recesses of my heart where Christmas love stories make me go Awww. Perhaps it is because the holidays always fill me with nostalgia and oogy feelz. Or that my faith in humanity and hope is stronger then, but in any case, I've always enjoyed a nice cozy holiday love story.

The first thing I like is the character growth. These two, Madelyn and Johnny, have a second chance at love and thankfully enough time has passed for them to learn about life and themselves. Not only have they grown between the last (failed) attempt at HEA but they continue to grow and learn throughout the story. Some fairly important epiphanies occur, guiding them towards the lives they long for. Character growth is a definite "have-to" in any story but especially in a second chance plot. They both finally get some answers about what went wrong and both of them have to take a hard look within themselves in order to decide what is important and how to proceed.

Next is Madelyn Morrison. Now that she has returned home to Glory, she realizes how much she missed home. When she was younger, she couldn't wait to leave and try her hand at NY living but now that she has accomplished nearly everything she had dreamed of, she is considering moving back home. When she sees Johnny, the spark is still there and although she is still hurt by what he did, she also feels that she still belongs in his arms. While she is tough and smart, she also has learned that some things may be more important than her pride. Like love and forgiveness. But trusting him again may be harder than she expected.

Johnny Hart is definitely the epitome of manliness. Powerful, hard, chiseled and loves cars. He owns the local mechanic shop. When the reader is introduced to him under a lovely 67' muscle car and he comes out with work worn hands, I could almost smell the garage and the car wasn't the only thing purring. (I will admit to having an obsession with large, strong, working man hands. You know the kind. The strong hands that can lift up a curvy woman without breaking a sweat or can capture the hands above the head... But I digress)
Anywho--when Johnny was young. He messed up royally. He was young and naive and afraid and made a decision that would affect not only him but also Madelyn. Unfortunately, he thinks it was for her own good. Now after a few heated debates about making decisions for her and a few other heated moments--he's beginning to realize that maybe he chose wrong. And maybe his happiness resides in Madelyn.

The main characters a wonderfully written and so are the supporting characters. Madelyn's friend India is a hoot. I look forward to reading about her in future books. And Reed Hollingsworth is an arresting character that tweaks my interest as well. I love me a blue collar worker but I also loves me a tightly controlled, powerful, well-dressed aristocratic man who never looses his cool--until he meets that one character, that one woman that gets under his skin. I really hope that he gets his own story as well.

Everything in the story works together nicely to bring the story into vivid color. The scenery as well as the relatable people.
And the hope, love and trust theme plays nicely into the holiday spirit. It is just the book to read cuddled up by a cozy fire, drinking hot-cocoa (or coffee) and watching the lazy snowflakes play outside the window. It is stories like this the remind us what love is all about and why hope is important during the holidays and all year round.