Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Good, the bad and the Senile Dementia

Today, I am giving you a tour of my fabulous and exotic life. I have touched a little on my kids and my hubby, who is the other(better) half of Heather Geoffries but one thing I haven't opened up about is another rather large part of my life: My mother-in-law. She has lived with us for a few years and she is in the advanced stages of Senile dementia. Some days are kinda normal, some days lead to funny stories and some are difficult. The one overriding thing that happens when you take care of a person with Alzheimers or dementia and/or have small children is--You are exhausted.

The main thing that I have considered over the years is that unless a person has experienced this disease, it is very difficult for them to comprehend all the aspects of it. The closest I have come to seeing a good representation of it is in the movie "Folks!" with Tom Selleck. The movie is bittersweet and hilarious. Poor Tom ends up losing body parts and other things as the movie progresses. I cannot say more without taking the fun away. I'll just recommend that you see it and remember that as the horrifyingly amusing scenes happen---that is very much like my life.

Part of the reason I haven't shared before now is because of the Taboo of "picking on" people with mental illnesses and our world of "politically correct." Mind you, I don't want to pick on my pour MIL(mom-in-law) but, I come from a family that uses humor to deal with stressful situations--so, some of the stuff that has happened is pretty damn  funny.
The other reason is--Alzheimers isn't sexy. Heather Geoffries writes "Erotic Romances" therefore sharing some of my interesting days just doesn't jive with the smut writer(s) persona.

But then I thought, You know? One of the things I love about reading my favorite author's blogs is seeing the real them. Knowing that they are real people with real everyday issues. So, why not share a little of me? Why not? How about I show the world that yeah, I am happily married, yes, I have two small children that I home school, yes, I am a full time student and house wife and YES I am the full-time caretender of an elderly woman with progressive Alzheimers...and Me and my husband find time to write romantic stories that feature slightly messed up and jaded individuals who have to face their demons if they want a chance at happiness.

How do we get in the mood for smut when we have so many mood killers(kids screaming, MIL wandering, APA sucking the creativity from our souls?) And the answer is...

I do not have a clue. My husband and I ensure that we make time for romance and intimacy and we make time to put that down into word count. Also, there is some great advise I read in Em Petrova's How to write sex when you don't feel sexy. You should definitely check it out if you are struggling against the soul draining things in life.

I know my intro is long so I will save some of the stories and anecdotes for another day. Just know that there will be more to come. So hold onto your hats folks cuz the ride is just beginning.