Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Far Shore-Traci L. Slatton. Review

Hi all.

Today,I want to talk about a book series that I am loving. I actually tried to post this a few days ago but unbeknownst to me--it never published. I'm still not sure why and will probably never know. My running theory is that Although I love tech, tech does not love me.

Anyway, back to the review.

I'm talking about the "After" series by Traci L. Slatton. And more specifically the last book I read in the series: Far Shore
The stories occur in a post-Apocalyptic, dystopian world where terrifying mists pop out of the ground and dissolve everything in it's path, including people. And because of this mist, most of the survivors have gained special mental abilities, like telepathy or healing.

In the first book Fallen, the reader is introduced to the main protagonist Emma who has been separated from her husband and oldest daughter and now is caring for a band of children, including her youngest daughter in France. She ends up getting into a safe camp of survivors run by the handsome and ambitious man; Arthur. As the story progresses, she meets new friends, a new enemy and falls in love.

The second book Cold Light, pick up months after the first book. Emma is now reunited with her family and settled into a vaguely normal life. Unfortunately, that all changes when her oldest daughter is kidnapped by
bandits. Nobody in the town will help her, so she sets out alone across a harsh frozen landscape on foot to rescue her child. Along the way she hits many hurdles and her old enemy is back in the middle of her life. And so is Arthur, who has come for her. But when Hayford, her husband arrives to help, how can she let herself be with Arthur?

Now, for the latest, Far Shore.
I Loved this story.
In this story, Emma has been living in a new town with her family when she hears that a dear friend of hers is having trouble in childbirth and will not survive without Emma's healing touch. Also, Arthur has been captured by their enemy and most likely has been tortured. How can she not go to them? Hayford is livid and gives her an ultimatum; if she leaves, don't bother coming back. She goes anyway and is reunited with her friends from Arthur's camp. She saves her friend and the babies and sets off to rescue Arthur. She is barely able to rescue him and after she does, he is in terrible shape. She knows that she needs to get him far away from Alexi, the sociopath who has dogged them all along and did this to Arthur. But will she be able to heal him and avoid the mists and stay out of Alexi's clutches?
Ok first-The intensity and creepiness is high throughout the story.
Second- I have to admit that I like Alexi, the crazy, happy, sociopath. Yes, he's done some awful thing (especially to Arthur) but most of his reasons are pretty sound. Grief makes people do crazy things. Also, he has been courteous to Emma throughout the series and he's very helpful to her during this book at one point.
Third-Everything keeps evolving in this story. The mists are smarter and harder to control. Emma has new abilities and more control. There are other characters that are introduced and will probably add to the group. And everyone has to trust others at different points if they want to survive.
Fourth-Even though Arthur and Emma have love, their relationship isn't perfect. They have troubles and arguments. But they still work.
Fifth- Even though she was/is married to Hayford Their relationship has changed as much as they have since the end of civilization as they knew it. They have tried to make it work but sometimes you have to let it go. I think Hayford would be happier with a new relationship.

From what a little birdie told me, this is not the last book and I am excited to see what happens next. If you're looking for a suspenseful read with a strong female character, then I recommend you pick up this series.