Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 A Year in Review.

At this time of year I usually get nostalgic. I think back over the years and am amazed at all that I have been through.
I follow many other author's blogs and really enjoy when they write about their lives and accomplishments over the previous year. So, I thought: I should do one of those as well. And then I though: Man. I am about to bore people but what the hell. Let's do it anyway.
Steps onto the stage*
On that note...Here goes nothin'.

The last year has had it's ups and downs. It has also had many changes.
-January- in January we all were starting out a new year full of hopes and expectations. And me and my husband were among those wondering how the year would progress. By this point we were already excited. We had been contracted by Champagne Books for our first little short story and it was due out in February. Like any new author we were riding high on the idea of being published and struggling to figure out the whole "marketing" thing. But I pushed forward and made some appearances on some awesome blogs and interviewed with whomever wanted to speak to me. At the same time I began my Junior year in college and was both eager and weary of school.
_February- Ah, February. The month our book, Nordic Prince went up for sale. I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful it was seeing my book up with all of the other real--honest-to-goodness-authors. Promo,promo,promo.
-March- Our little book kept chugging along and our muse was feeling pushy and wanted to know about Stephan Mills's sister. And so, I began working on South Sea Siren. Within a couple weeks we had her done and sent her out to our Betas and Crit. partner.
-April- We sent in Amanda's story and held our breaths. We also outlined a third story about another supporting character and came up with an idea for another 1 Night stand story. And of course. Promo--promo-promo on NP.
-May-We got contracted for South Sea Siren through Champagne Books.Now was the waiting game. Waiting to see the cover art(Which is like Christmas), waiting to run edits and waiting to run line edits before she's a go. In the mean time. We both were keeping busy doing finals for college.

(I won't go into it in too much detail but at this time I also was caring for my 2 little kiddos and my Mother-in-law who was suffering from Senile Dementia and Alzheimer disease. Needless to say, both the kids and my MIL kept me on my toes)

During the Summer(June, July) we had many things going on in our personal life: Taking the children to various fun things for the summer break and my MIL going in and out of the hospital and moving and having other personal probs that eventually convinced us that we were not enough to care for her properly. By August we had to move her into a nursing facility which flooded us with both guilt and relief that we still feel today. In-a-between I took summer classes and wrote half of my 1NS story as my husband outlined and began two other stories. We also had our cover reveal and minor edits. We were set to release our second baby in August.

-August-South Sea Siren jumps out into the fray and promos begin for her. Meanwhile, our writing became more sporadic as our muse got ornery.
-September-October- SSS did okay among her counterparts but the surprising thing is Nordic Prince--Our little story that could. He continues to be under 100 k on Amazon. Usually around 46k. Wow. I am impressed. (Pets book).
-November-December- Craziness. Pure Craziness. Finals at school. Promos Job gain-job loss. Holidays, promos. And a Writing meeting with my group MUSE(Most Underappreciated Super Egos) and now our muse has returned.

Last year, we started a few stories and published 2. This year. 2014 we planned to double that number but you know what??
I think we can do better than that. I think this is the year that we publish at least 6 stories and I think a few might even be novels.
There you go folks. I am accountable. So--even with graduating in the spring and other familial issues we will up our game and make 2014 rock!

How was your 2013? What are your goals for 2014? Give a shout and share your awesomeness.