Saturday, April 30, 2016

HEARTBREAKERS AND HEROES_Hiding with the Heartbreaker_Review

I received a copy of Virginia Nelson's Hiding with the Heartbreaker in exchange for an honest review.

This is a fun fast paced plot that crunches a whole lot of character development, interesting secondary characters (that could have their own story honestly), a look at love and like and shared personalities into a short story. (Not an easy task at all--at least not one that is as well done as Ms. Nelson continuously does).
I will be honest, Jude (the heroine) had me face palming quite a few times. Her knee-jerk reactions and instant decisions are terrible at best. But, to be fair people have a tendency to do stupid stuff when they panic, so it is believable, just...smh.
Al really shows how so many people are more than they appear in public, not only because he is a famous person but in general we all have a person we present to the world and only a select few get to peek at what's inside. With Al, nobody really SEES him (not his BFF, family, or his fans) until Jude comes along.
The sarcasm and snarling they do through the beginning is amusing. They don't particularly like each other very much and they don't relax and show the real them until about halfway through the story. Now, does that mean that viola' they're insta-soulmates and get along perfectly from that point on? Hecks no! Which is great because they and their relationship is flawed like in real life.

All around a great read with a lot of heart and humor and a decent HEA. 
This story is part of the Heartbreakers and Heroes anthology;\