Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Writing around life

Like everyone else, I have many things that I juggle everyday. Work, school, family, obligations, etc...
The one thing I have learned is that if you want to be a writer, you have to set aside time for writing every day. You have to treat it like a job and sit down and spend a certain amount of time at your computer. Just like a job.
           So what if you have a horrible work ethic? Not very motivating to treat your writing like a job.
Well, then treat your writing like a child. (which it is sort of like that)
Just like a child you:
-create it through much time, effort and labor(Outlining, research, typing, cursing, pulling out hair)
-you have to nurture and feed it and keep it healthy and growing(more writing and researching)
-you have to clean it up over and over(editing)
And then, just when you think everything is clean and happy--you have another mess to clean up(more editing and revising)
-but then after much, blood, sweat and tears. Finally your child(book) has matured and developed and is getting ready to go out into the cold, judging world alone. Now you have to set it free and sit back and worry and fret while it bounces around out there without you.
And if your lucky, your child/book will find a new home(publishing company) and a place in the world(New York Times Best sellers list? hopefully) And you my friend, will rejoice!
And then....
You start the process over again.
But if you have a sense of freedom and escape through your writing--then you know that it is worth it.
So, find time in your day and just let yourself go. See where your imagination takes you.

How do you write? Do you write every day? Have you queried a company and waited in nail-biting suspense for a response?
I'd love to hear from you.