Thursday, October 18, 2012

Writing: a way to ignore waiting

I hate waiting.
It dives me nuts. I am not a patient person at all. I can't even wait for the toaster or the coffee maker without fidgeting from foot to foot. It does not matter the duration of time that passes...if I have to wait at all it has been far too long for me.

I know patients is a virtue and good things come to those who wait but I just can't seem to shake the impatient me.

Currently, I have a book that is getting the first round of spit-shining with my editor. And let me tell you, it already has gone a lot faster than generally expected.  After everything is all said and done the book will be out in E-format in February.  How awesome is that?

The problem is: I am an antsy impatient person. Sadly, I am also the person who jumps to my e-mail constantly to see what is up and if I get anything. *shakes head*

To reign in my bad behavior I decided that I needed to keep busy and use some of my creativity elsewhere. So, I decided to write another story.
Insert story instead of Essay and you have my writing process.

This one is about my main character's sister and is set  on a steamy tropical getaway.

In one sitting late last night I wrote 1500 words and feel at least another poking at me. At this rate I should have the story done by the weekend and giving myself a week to clean it up. I think I will have a new story to shoot off to my editor.
I'm not sure if she will be happy or if she'll boop me on the head for throwing more crap in her lap but I think this might be the perfect solution to keeping my mind off the other story that's sitting on the back burner.

With that in mind. I plan to go purge my imagination of the demons that are chasing my Muse around. Until next time. Tata.

So what are some of your flaws. Are you patient or just as nuts as me? How do you fight the problem ani-virtue?