Monday, March 11, 2013

NORDIC PRINCE is a Featured review at Champagne Books blog.

Hi all!

I received a wonderful review for Nordic Prince,  my m/m erotic romance from Rita Bay.

She was one of the lucky winners of my baby during a chat last month and after reading it she decided to post her review on the Champagne Books Group blog.

I am so glad she enjoyed the story.
Here are a couple snippets from the review:

"Nordic Prince is a sensitive “awakening” story about Dr. Steven Mills who accompanies his sister Amanda on a cruise of the Nordic Prince."

" Nordic Prince is a great short read, especially for readers who have never read gay romance."

Wow. I am so thrilled. I can't stop grinning. Thank you for a wonderful review Rita!

To see the full review click Here
~So what are some elements you look for in a romance story? Do you, like me, enjoy watching a character putting his/her foot in their mouth and then watching them try to fix their error?

Please pop over and take a look so I can Happy dance with you. *starts dancing* *grins*
Have a wonderful day!

Heather Geoffries