Sunday, March 3, 2013


Hello all!

I've been wanting to give away some freebie copies of my short M/M erotic romance as a thank you to everyone who has shown support.

But I wanted to play a little game.
So I will ask 3 questions for a chance at 3 free copies of Nordic Prince. You can answer on here or on my FB and Twitter. I will let this run until tomorrow night. If I get quite a few takers I will use to choose the winners. If I get only a few then you will be the lucky winners.
(You don't need to answer all 3 questions to be in the contest)
Remember, I will need your email if you want your free copy.

Also, most of the answers can be found on my website:

Question # 1. What body of water do I live near?
Question # 2. Where does Erik work aboard the Nordic Prince?
Question #3. What is the name of the sequel to Nordic Prince? And who is it about?

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I can't wait to hear from you and Good Luck!!!

Heather Geoffries